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Kuwait’s decides not to host 23rd Gulf Cup ‘final’

KUWAIT: Kuwait’s decision of not being able to host the 23rd Gulf Cup is “final and irreversible,” Deputy Director of Sports Affairs at the Public Authority for Sport (PAYS) Dr Humoud Fulaiteeh announced yesterday. The Cabinet had recently made the final decision not to hold the Gulf soccer games.

Fulaiteeh said in a press statement that the apology came after a decision made by the International Olympic Committee to suspend sports in Kuwait. He added that Kuwait was fully ready to host this regional sporting event; all facilities were properly equipped and a budget was made to cover the expense of this grand event, nonetheless, the suspension decision prevented it from happening. He expressed his aspiration that all efforts to be made to help sports thrive, once again, in the county.

On October 19, the Cabinet approved Kuwait’s decision to turn down hosting the 23rd Gulf Cup under the instructions of the Minister of Information and Minister of State for Youth Affairs Sheikh Salman Sabah Salem Al-Humoud Al- Sabah, who made that call due to FIFA’s decision to ban Kuwait from participating in international soccer activities. — KUNA

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