Kuwait: Consumers Price Index (CPI) increased in Kuwait by 4.52 percent in May 2022 on annual basis compared with the same period in 2021, said the Central Statistical Bureau (CSB) on Tuesday.

In a statement for KUNA, the CSB revealed that the CPI increased monthly to 124.8 by 0.16 percent, because of high prices of major groups in the movement of the indices.

The statement provided the annual price movement for May 2022, saying that Food and Beverages increased by 8.23 percent from the numbers from May of 2021. It added that Cigarettes and Tabaco stood still with at 135.0 points.

Clothing and Footwear prices increased by 6.37 percent, while housing services went up by 2.26 percent.

The CSB revealed that Furnishing and Equipment Household maintenance went up by 2.27 percent, adding that Health increased by 1.78 percent.

Transport increased by 4.90 percent, communication by 2.29 percent, recreation and culture by 3.88 percent, and Education by 18.95 percent, said the CSB.

Restaurants and Hotels went up by 2.77 percent, Services and Miscellaneous goods at 3.21 percent.