Media reports about the expatriates' issue will give the reader an impression that we are facing a global war by the government and National Assembly to get rid of expats, because of the grilling some MPs plan to file against social affairs minister Hind Al-Sabeeh about her alleged decisions to appoint expats in sectors belonging to her administration.

Yet, no one took an effort to ask about the hundreds of people on the streets, and who brought them into Kuwait? Or whether they paid for the entry visa? The number of expats in the government sector is not huge, and they for sure do help in some medical specialties, nursing, general education university and technical institutes. The question is how many physics teachers are there at the education ministry?

This issue is presented as an example on the impossibility to Kuwaitize government jobs completely. We realize that it is the season of political out-talk, but the government must deal with the issue more seriously while safeguarding people's dignity and care for their good living, while not sacrificing all of that just to keep a chair for an official.

If one wants public interest and to maintain a good percentage for population structure, marginal labor is the ideal place, but the challenge takes place when facing visa traders, as we all know their ability to penetrate all fortresses and high towers. If you aim at the right target, we will support you, but encroaching on the dignity of thousands of expats who serve this society sincerely will be rejected, and we are strongly against that. Was my message delivered? I hope so. - Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Qabas

By Qais Al-Usta