Kuwaitis rank 7th among foreigners buying properties in Turkey

Kuwaiti citizens ranked seventh among foreigners who purchased properties in Turkey last year, according to the Turkish Statistical Institute.

The Kuwaitis bought 1,791 plots in 2021, ranking seventh in the list of foreign realty buyers; topped by the Iranians, 10,056, followed by the Iraqis, 8,661, then the Russians, 5,379, the Germans, 2,358, and the Kazakhs, 2,090. Property sales to the foreigners rose, last year, by 43.5 percent, compared to the previous year, the institute said in a freshly released statement, adding that the whole sales of this category reached 58,576 units in 2021.

The city of Istanbul recorded the highest proportion of realty sales, in 2021, amounting to 26,469 transactions, followed by Antalya, 12,384 and thirdly came Ankara, 3,672. – KUNA

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