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Kuwaitis’ private sector allowance will not stop

KUWAIT: Employment support for nationals working in the private sector will not stop according to the Public Authority of Manpower. Sources within the authority clarified that this government allowance is for the support of Kuwaiti employees who work in the private sector. Moreover, this aligns with government policies to localize employment in the private sector, especially since “there are serious plans to increase Kuwaiti employment which includes thousands of jobs that could bring more locals to switch away from government employment.”

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, the sources told Kuwait Times in the meantime that “not lowering the support for locals working in the private sector does not mean that there are plans of increasing it, as the expenditure currently is KD 538 million yearly, which equates to KD 44.8 million monthly.”

The total number of local workers in the private sector is about 71,800 employees, which is equal to 4.1 percent of the number of total employees there. Sources have also shown that it is possible to review the eligibility of some employees to earn that support, as per recommendations of the budgets committee of the National Assembly, as some the payment could be seen as unnecessary for workers who earn over KD 5,000 per month, for example.

The Public Authority for Manpower already spends monthly allowances based on the academic level of the Kuwaiti employee. Workers within the health field receive KD 790, while people working in law, accounting, information services, statistics, economics, nursing, finance, financial management, insurance, exports, and education receive KD 740. Other degree holders can receive KD 690 per month.

As for high school and diploma holders with a course of at least two years, receive KD 629, while middle school certificate holders along with at least two years training courses receive KD 571 per month. As for middle school holders and less receive KD 481 and KD 456 respectively.

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