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Kuwaitis in private sector rising steadily

KUWAIT: The number of Kuwaitis working in the private sector increased to 73,810 so far this year, with an increase of 3,142 employees compared to 2018, according to official statistics. Public Authority for Manpower statistics show that the number of Kuwaitis employed by private companies is on a gradual rise, as it had reached 70,668 in 2018, 69,508 in 2017 and 66,714 in 2016.

Meanwhile, the authority explained that the decision on allocating certain ratios of private sector job opportunities for citizens had effectively contributed in increasing those numbers over the past three years. The authority added that great efforts were being exerted to guide new graduates to various job opportunities in private companies, through exhibitions and specialized workshops designed to change citizens’ attitudes towards working for the private sector.

In other news, a number of lawmakers are currently trying to talk MP Riyadh Al-Adasani out of grilling Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Sheikh Khaled Al-Jarrah Al-Sabah before the next parliamentary term commences, and to postpone his motion until after the inaugural session on October 29, sources said. MP Adasani had declared intentions to grill both the interior and the finance ministers before he found out that MP Mohammed Hayef had already filed a grilling motion against Finance Minister Nayef Al-Hajraf, which means that it would likely be discussed on the inaugural session.

In case Adasani files his motion as well, both motions against Hajraf would be merged and discussed together, which might make them lose significance, the sources speculated. Further, the sources noted that Adasani is currently considering postponing his motion if the minister remains in office, though he had expressed fears that a limited reshuffle would be done to exclude Hajraf from the cabinet afterwards.

Separately, MP Bader Al-Mulla urged Minister of Electricity and Water and Minister of Oil Khaled Al-Fadhel to investigate the losses of the Vietnam refinery, and warned of what he described as ‘consequences worse than those of the Dow Chemical case.’ Mulla explained that, according to a technical report from the oil sector and State Audit Bureau reports, the gas enhancement plant costs KD 444 million despite its unprofitability. “Grilling minister Khaled Al-Fadhel is inevitable,” he stressed. Further, Mulla said that he has no problem in taking over the oil ministry portfolio himself. “I have previously said I am not keen on a ministerial position, but I am now in order to reform the oil sector,” he stressed.

By A Saleh

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