Kuwaitis can’t leave GCC with old passports

KUWAIT: The Nationality and Travel Documents Department at the Interior Ministry has informed interior ministries at Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, where Kuwaitis can travel using their civil IDs only, to make sure that Kuwaiti travelers possess electronic passports before allowing them to travel outside the GCC. Interior ministries at GCC states were also informed that June 30 was the last date in which traveling using the old Kuwaiti passport was permitted. Meanwhile, sources explained that it became a must for any fugitive to come back to Kuwait to settle his legal status, then a new passport will be issued to him. Furthermore, citizens abroad who have expired passports can go to the nearest Kuwaiti embassy to receive a travel document that allows them to travel to Kuwait only.

Monitoring beaches
Municipal Council Member Dr Hassan Kamal suggested using surveillance cameras and GPS systems to monitor beaches around Kuwait, saying that this practice helps keep those vital public places under control on a 24/7 basis. Kamal argued that installing surveillance cameras and using drones should not cost much, especially considering their importance in helping authorities monitor beaches against possible security breaches or ‘immoral behavior’.

Body found
Police received an emergency call about a body found on the beach near Al-Shaab Park. Police and paramedics responded to the scene and found out that the man was already dead. Detectives concluded that the man drowned while fishing after he became stuck in his fishing equipment. Meanwhile, police are questioning two persons on suspected foul play, as they claimed that they were with the victim when he went missing before reporting the case.

Driving under the influence
Dhaher police investigators referred three GCC nationals to the juveniles prosecution, and impounded a luxury vehicle that was in their possession. This came after the three were involved in an accident while they were under the influence of drugs. The three were taken to the proper authorities after they survived an accident at the Seventh Ring Road in which an SUV they were driving flipped over. Two of the suspects were treated onsite while the third received treatment at the hospital. Police found hashish inside the suspects’ vehicle.

Swindlers arrested
A bedoon man and woman swindled and blackmailed a Kuwaiti citizen out of KD 3,000. The victim had spent time with the woman after meeting in a café. A few days later, he received a call from a person claiming that he is the woman’s lawyer, and wanted to discuss a case of ‘ sexual assault’ she plans to file. The lawyer told the man that he could convince his client to change her mind if he would pay her KD 3,000, to which the man agreed. But after thinking that the issue was over, the man received a call a few months later from the same person, demanding more money. But this time, the citizen told his lawyer about what happened. Investigations revealed that the two are swindlers who planned to blackmail the Kuwaiti man whenever they needed money. Both were arrested and handed to authorities.

Intruder arrested
Jahra detectives are questioning a Syrian man to reveal the real reason why he entered a Kuwaiti citizen’s house at dawn, and whether he had second motives other than burglary. Meanwhile, the suspect told detectives that he was beaten hard to the point he thought he was going to die. A security source said operations received a call about a stranger who was caught inside a house in Saad Al-Abdullah. Police responded and found the man tied up and beaten. The intruder confessed that he enter the house for burglary. Investigations are still ongoing.

Cell fire
A detainee at Taima police station was charged with damaging state property, after he sprayed water on electric wires inside his detention cell, causing a fire that was quickly put out. – Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Anbaa and Al-Rai

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