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Kuwaiti teen wins silver at Geneva inventions exhibition

GENEVA: Ambassador Jamal Al-Ghunaim is pictured with Kuwaiti inventor Nasser Issa Al-Jimaz. — KUNA
GENEVA: Ambassador Jamal Al-Ghunaim is pictured with Kuwaiti inventor Nasser Issa Al-Jimaz. — KUNA

GENEVA: Kuwaiti inventor Nasser Issa Al-Jimaz, 16, won on Friday the silver award of the 44th International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva (2016) for innovations in the field of environment protection.

He exhibited a new mechanism for reducing the carbon dioxide emissions through absorbing these emissions from air, treating them chemically and turning them into plastic material that could be used in many applications. The arbitration panel appreciated Jimaz’s invention, saying it is cost-effective, and will open new job opportunities and have positive impacts on environment besides its economic returns.

Kuwait’s permanent representative to the United Nations and international organizations in Geneva, Ambassador Jamal Al-Ghunaim said described Jimaz’s win as an excellence award for Kuwait as a whole. “This victory shows the success of the government’s policy of encouraging scientific research and care for young talent down to participating in such international exhibitions to raise the name of Kuwait high among innovative nations in the field of science and technology,” the ambassador said.

He added that the auspices of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) to this exhibition reflects the credibility of the awards, where getting a certificate from such a prestigious organization constitutes obtaining a birth certificate that the inventor has started an important step in the march of excellence and innovation.

Jimaz is an example for the youth of Kuwait for his early consciousness on the problems of the environment and human and on how can the Kuwaiti contribute to resolving such problems and be part of the international efforts in this regard to save the blue planet from the consequences of environmental pollution, he explained. The Ambassador pointed out that Kuwait with this win also gained international admiration in the applied scientific field that is added to its excellence in humanitarian work around the world.

The world’s unique annual exhibition, being sponsored by the Swiss Federal Government and of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), showcases 1,000 new inventions and products; it gathers 752 exhibitors from 48 countries between April 13 and 17. – KUNA

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