KUWAIT: A Kuwaiti medical team succeeded, in a short time, in developing a Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) solution to be used for coronavirus tests, a surgeon said. This new technique, fully developed by Kuwaitis, has "excellent" diagnostic results which would have a qualitative leap, said Dr Salman Al-Sabah, head of Surgical Department at Jaber Al-Ahmad Hospital. He said the World Health Organization (WHO) considered the PCR test the most accurate against COVID-19, and it required taking a sample of the patient and blend it with a solution called (PCR Kit). "This is what we have developed," he added. Al-Sabah said countries around the world were struggling to obtain this costly solution coupled with specialized companies' inability to honor these countries' needs.

Dr Sulaiman Al-Mazidi, who took part in the development of the solution, said the Ministry of Health formed a team to consider the development of the solution locally. The team, he said, succeeded in creating the solution in a short time. Mazidi said the team started the initial production phase and the next stage would be the acceleration of production to honor domestic demands. The production of this solution, he noted, would save large amounts of money and avoid late deliveries from abroad. The two physicians thanked the MoH and all team members for their hard work and dedication which resulted in the production of the solution. -- KUNA