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Kuwaiti researcher recognized for work on clean energy

LONDON: Kuwaiti Researcher Dr Abdullah Al-Khaldi was awarded the Arthur Lefebvre Prize for his work on renewable energy and hydrogen fuel by British specialist postgraduate university Cranfield. Khaldi’s thesis, proposing a new innovative design for large hydrogen carrier ship, contributes to global carbon neutrality objectives as it employs the use of clean hydrogen fuel rather than regular fuel thus eliminating harmful carbon emissions.

Speaking to KUNA on Wednesday, Khaldi said he was quite proud of this achievement, saying that parts of his thesis were published by renowned journals. His research handled technical, environmental and economic review of the new design as it examined and analyzed its performance in various simulated circumstances.

Dr Al-Khaldi further clarified that his field of study contributes to zero carbon emissions, alleviating the consequences of climate change. The Arthur Lefebvre prize is given out by Canfield University to the most distinguished PhD thesis in the field. – KUNA

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