Kuwaiti photographer Omar Al-Sayed Omar

KUWAIT: Kuwaiti photographer Omar Al-Sayed Omar managed to monitor and take rare photos of the pelican, which is classified among the endangered birds, according to the World Conservation Organization, to win the admiration of the largest global documentary channels interested in nature and living organisms. During an interview, Sayed Omar said that the bird documentary trip started from Boubyan Island, where it was seen for the first time there, and then he flew to the bird's hometown to Kerkini Lake in Greece. The Kuwaiti photographer noted that he visited the lake several times for a month and waited a long time to manage taking photos of the rare bird. He stated that the photos were published on social media, amid great praise from the National Geographic Foundation, and he was addressed officially to broadcast his experience in this regard, which is the first of its kind in the country. He pointed out that he signed a contract with National Geographic to display and sell the bird's images in its permanent exhibitions and to print six million copies and distribute it around the world as well as displaying the photos in the institution's magazine and its official website.

The Kuwaiti photographer noted that the documentary institution focuses on the criterion of the scarcity of the organism in addition to the technical and aesthetic standards of the work done, stressing his pride in this achievement and displaying his work in one of the most important exhibitions and international channels. He said that the pelican bird reach a length of one meter and eighty centimeters and weigh 15 kilograms while its wing reaches three and a half meters and more indicating that during the breeding season from December to February the skin sac turns the male bird's beak into red and the female beak into dark orange. Sayed Omar affirmed his continued delivery of what is documented in Kuwait to the world, noting scientific projects that he is preparing with his team in cooperation with the General Authority for the Environment and international organizations specialized in scientific research and rare birds to show the importance of Kuwait's strategic location. - KUNA