Kuwaiti Nights

AbdullahInitially, it seems that some ministers know nothing about international agreements the state has signed. The statements they make have proved this because the anti-racial discrimination treaty completely contradicts the notion to allocate Jaber Hospital only for Kuwaiti patients, as recently stated by the health minister.

The ‘Kuwaiti Nights’ program launched at the beginning of October is part of media awareness and development by KTV, after viewers stopped watching it by the 1990s, when the air started to get busy with endless numbers of Arab satellite TV channels and after licensing local satellite TV channels in 2007.

KTV1 in particular, has remained far from glamour, brightness and thrills. It had to pay the price with the audiovisual law which authorized the establishment of private TV channels like Al-Watan and Al-Rai that managed to attract large proportions of viewers.

Well, this KTV program brought some hope back to state TV with a new young spirit, although its idea is not new, which poses some challenge.

It seems that this program made use of the closure of Al-Watan TV and its ‘Tao Al-Lail’ program, and has a great chance to prove itself.

Kuwaiti Nights still has a lot to do to achieve success. Its first episode can be considered experimental by the staff behind it. Yet, we hope it will succeed so that both citizens and expatriates benefit from the gigantic manpower and financial cost of operating state-owned TV.

— Translated by Kuwait Times

By Mudaffar Abdullah

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