KUWAIT: A security source said a citizen saw his wife's car while he was near a private hospital, so he called her several times, but her phone was switched off, so he waited next to the car to find out what was going on. Two hours later, he was surprised after a car parked next to his wife's car. His wife was with another man in it, so he rushed towards her, but the stranger hit his car several times. The man suffered a broken leg and a deep wound in the head, while his car was totally destroyed. The stranger escaped with the citizen's wife, hitting several cars in the process. Police are investigating.

Home robbery

Ahmadi detectives are looking for a thief who entered the flat of an Egyptian woman, beat her and her children, removed the accessories she was wearing, then fled with a box of jewelry. The man knocked at the door, and when the woman answered it, he barged in. When the thief left, the woman screamed for help, and a neighbor attempted to stop him, but he was able to escape. The victim said she does not know the thief but she saw him once in the building. Ahmadi detectives are working on identifying him. Separately, police arrested three men who targeted taxi drivers and committed at least 20 robberies. A security source said one of the drivers played a role in arresting the gang members when he resisted and prevented one of the suspects from escaping, until the arrival of police, who arrested him, and he led them to the rest. The thieves used knives and an axe.

Drug addict caught

A citizen went to the police station to complain that his nephews damaged his car, but was arrested for using drugs. Policemen found it strange when the man was complaining against children who are under 10 years old. Policemen noticed the man was not behaving normally and discovered he was under the influence of drugs, so he was held until he sobered up. He confessed to using drugs before arriving at the police station, so he was charged and detained accordingly. - Translated from the Arabic press