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Kuwaiti-funded village offers housing to 255 displaced Yemeni families

HODEIDA: Displaced Yemenis move to shelters provided by Kuwait’s Rahma International Charity in Yemen’s war-ravaged western province of Hodeida on Sunday. – AFP photos

ADEN: A residential complex in Yemen, funded by Kuwaiti donations, was inaugurated in the Red Sea city of Al-Khokha on Sunday, providing housing for dozens of displaced families. A total 255 families will benefit from the homes, which will replace tents, protecting the displaced families from the harsh cold weather and rains, as well as providing them with safety and security.

The housing complex, includes a mosque, a school and a water well. The first phase, which is now complete, includes 104 housing units. Each home consists of two rooms, a courtyard and a bathroom. Speaking to the press at the opening ceremony, Al-Hodeida Governor Al-Hasan Taher expressed the gratitude of his people for the initiative, which came about thanks to the donations provided by the Kuwait-based charity Al-Rahma International. “This is further evidence of the noble humanitarian gestures of the State of Kuwait in supporting the Yemeni people,” he said. – KUNA


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