BEIRUT: Dr Abdulrazzaq Al-Obaid (left) is seen during the ceremony. - KUNA

BEIRUT: An international medical conference honored Kuwaiti physician Dr Abdulrazzaq Al-Obaid for his contributions to the field of spinal surgery and treatments related to this vital branch of medicine. Dr Obaid yesterday thanked the organizers of the International Musculoskeletal Society's (IMS) annual meeting for their continuous support of innovators.

The conference, held with participation of doctors from 41 countries, included seminars and workshops on new methods of spinal surgery, said Dr Obaid. It also introduced for the first time in the Middle East preparations for medical board exams in the field, he added.

Dr Obaid had previously conducted studies and research on spinal surgery and diseases that were published in international scientific magazines. He also took part in writing books on these topics. IMS is a charitable society headquartered in Boston, US, aiming to provide professional training to doctors around the world on spinal and nerves surgery as well as pain management. - KUNA