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Kuwait yet to announce position on maritime coalition: Deputy FM

Kuwait to discuss with Cyprus process to return nationals: Jarallah

KUWAIT: Kuwait will officially announce its position over joining an international coalition to protect maritime navigation in the Arab Gulf region once it finished examining details of such coalition, a senior diplomat said yesterday. Kuwait has not announced its official position whether to join the proposed coalition or not “but practical practices show that Kuwait is not far from this coalition,” Deputy Foreign Minister Khaled Al-Jarallah said. He was speaking to reporters on sidelines of a seminar about elderly care. Jarallah said Kuwait has taken part in meetings in Manama, Bahrain, and Tampa, Florida, regarding the coalition. He underlined that Kuwait would continue to participate in any coalition-related meetings.

Meanwhile, Jarallah said that Kuwait’s Foreign Ministry will summon the Cypriot Ambassador to Kuwait to discuss the process of returning Kuwaiti nationals stranded in Cyprus since August, a senior Kuwaiti diplomat said yesterday. He added that the Kuwaiti Ambassador to Cyprus have begun the same procedures with the Cypriot authorities to hasten the return of the detainees. The Cypriot authorities detained the Kuwaitis in August 10th because of a brawl between them and another group of European nationals. Jarallah affirmed that the ministry have been working on the case and to ensure the fair trial of the Kuwaitis. He also stressed that the Ministry will not allow the trial to be postponed until next February.

In the meantime, Jarallah underlined Kuwait’s keenness in human rights due to the adherence to Kuwaiti constitution that gave humans a primary attention and care. In his statement during the opening of ‘Kuwait’s efforts in relieving the elderly’ seminar, Jarallah said that Kuwait’s keenness comes from its belief in those rights and its effect on the individual and society. Jarallah pointed out the importance of shedding the light on the big contributions of Kuwait in supporting the elderly through the various governmental bodies in spreading the awareness on the problems that faces the elderly. He also noted that this seminar coincides with the “International Day for Older Persons,” in light of the difficulties and challenges the world is witnessing. The deputy foreign minister stressed the importance of this seminar in highlighting national efforts in spreading the awareness on human rights.

Secretary General of the Supreme Council for Planning and Development Khaled Mahdi said in similar remarks that showcasing Kuwait’s efforts in humanitarian various activities triggers parts of its development plans. The efforts Kuwait make in the field of human rights gives it a unique international place, not only because of its development in infrastructure but in its connection with human development and capital focusing on certain aspects such as active governmental administration, diverse economy, advanced infrastructure and health care. – KUNA

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