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Kuwait welcomes UN’s “exceptional” veto resolution

NEW YORK: The State of Kuwait late Tuesday welcomed the UN’s “exceptional” resolution requiring veto justification. “It is natural to have opposing views on veto use, and this resolution would guarantee transparent and constructive discussions on the matter,” said Minister Plenipotentiary Bader Al-Munayekh, Acting Charge d’Affaire of Kuwait’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations, addressing its assembly.

Earlier Tuesday, the UN’s 193-members General Assembly adopted the Liechtenstein-spearheaded resolution by consensus. Veto abuse had previously contributed in the Security Council’s inability to shoulder its responsibility, which eventually led to jeopardizing international peace and security, noted the Kuwaiti senior diplomat. “I anew, in this session, the State of Kuwait’s full commitment to multilateralism, coinciding with the International Day of Multilateralism and Diplomacy for Peace,” he noted.

Tuesday’s resolution does not eliminate or limit the veto power of the permanent members – the US, Russia, Britain, France and China. But for the first time it will require the General Assembly “to hold a debate on the situation” that sparks a veto in the Security Council within 10 working days. The US, Britain and France were among the majority of countries that joined Liechtenstein in co-sponsoring the reform. Neither Russia nor China were among the sponsors. – KUNA

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