KUWAIT: Head of Kuwait Association of Surgeons Dr Salman Al-Sabah said Kuwait topped the rate of obesity prevalence among women over 18, and has the highest count in all the GCC countries. Dr Salman said in a "medical paper" he presented at the First Arab Conference on woman health in Cairo, under the slogan "Boosting woman's health to achieve the goals of sustained development 2030".

His paper was titled "Obesity: A major challenge for women's health", in which he spoke about obesity as one of the challenges women face, and he spoke about Kuwait's experience in benefiting from the results and obesity indictors. The data taken from surgical procedures to treat obesity in 2019, as 1976 operations were conducted to treat obesity in women.

He said the researched focused on the risk factors of obesity, and what it represents in being a factor in many types of cancer growth among women. The paper recommended that obesity must be confronted as a main priority in the development plans, programs and health strategies, and there should be high level commitment to face the problem, while facing non-infectious diseases and the world sustainable development goals until 2030.

The medical research paper stressed the importance of adopting programs to encourage physical activities, healthy nutrition while having research about obesity as part of research priorities. He said it is necessary to cooperate with International Organizations, Universities and Research Centers to have joint researches to close the information gaps, and have studies on the prevention economics, and the burdens of obesity on development programs.