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Kuwait to bring added value to CICA economic dimension

By Majd Othman

KUWAIT: In October 2022, Kuwait joined the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measure in Asia (CICA) to maintain its continuous and effective role in supporting development globally. Secretary General of CICA Ambassador Kairat Sarybay visited Kuwait for practical implementation of plans through discussing the main areas of joint work, identifying further steps, stages and areas of interaction and understanding the unique contributions Kuwait can make to CICA.

Kuwait Times met Ambassador Sarybay to discuss with him the main role of Kuwait in joining this body and learn more about CICA’s main principles, goals and future vision. Sarybay said in October, Kuwait became the 28th member state at the Astana CICA Summit. He added he met Kuwait’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Sheikh Salem Al-Abdullah Al-Jaber Al-Sabah. Kuwait role in CICA Sarybay explained CICA focuses on development of priority areas within five confidence-building dimensions — military-political, new challenges and threats, economic, environment and human.

He clarified Kuwait probably will consider taking over coordination or co-coordination in one of the priority areas of trade and investment (under the economic dimension), due the vast experience and significant investment potential that Kuwait enjoys, which will bring added value to the implementation of this confidence-building measure. “We expect that Kuwait, as part of its fresh outlook, will make a significant contribution to the implementation of how to most effectively make the necessary changes so that CICA becomes a full-fledged international organization without dragging this process out for many years,” he said.

Sarybay pointed out CICA already has a number of subsidiary bodies and institutions, such as the Youth Council, Business Council and Think Tank Forum. CICA principles Sarybay explained the main principles of CICA, headed by Kazakhstan. He said CICA, with its 28 member states covering over 90 percent of the largest and most populated continent of the planet, is a unique multilateral dialogue platform that offers equal opportunity for its members with varying political, economic and sociocultural backgrounds to collaborate on beneficial initiatives and take decisions based on mutual agreement.

CICA’s basic principles are sovereign equality, refraining from threat or use of force, territorial integrity, peaceful settlement of disputes, non-interference in internal affairs, disarmament and arms controls, economic, social and cultural cooperation and human rights and fundamental freedoms. CICA future goals Sarybay clarified that in 2023-2024, the work of the CICA chairmanship and secretariat will aim to promote constructive dialogue and multifaceted cooperation among member states.

“During this period, our focus will be on practical steps in CICA’s transformation and various initiatives to enhance connectivity, boost the transport and logistics potential of Asia and promote sustainable development. We will work towards economic recovery, inclusive development and regional financial cooperation within CICA,” he said.

Sarybay added CICA will also be more committed to protecting the environment, achieving carbon neutrality and promoting food security cooperation. Not to mention increasing the strength of exchange and cooperation through volunteer movements of CICA member states and enhancing cooperation in education, science and technology through the partnership network of leading universities of CICA member states. “Cooperation in digitalization, trade and investment, tourism, sports and gender equality remains a priority for us,” he concluded.

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