Kuwait Times emerges stronger

By Abdullah Boftain, Deputy Editor-in-Chief

Our celebration of the 60th anniversary of Kuwait Times, the first English daily in the Gulf, in September 2021, was not just a celebration of the first issue that was published on September 24, 1961, and not just a revival of the efforts of our founding father – the late Yousuf Saleh Al-Alyan.

We celebrated while being aware that we are a continuation of the legacy of our pioneers, and we shoulder the responsibility to revive the English journalism giant in Kuwait and the Gulf, and restore Kuwait’s ambassador to the world to its status it always deserved.

Efforts did not stop for one day since that time in the journey of renewal – the start was to restore life to all corners of Kuwait Times’ prestigious building, so that the work environment becomes attractive to creatives and content creators to become a team that mixes youth spirit and enthusiasm and those with vast experience in journalism, who came together in Kuwait from all over the world.

Kuwait Times was and still holds dear in its large editorial newsroom news and issues it believes in and has adopted all along its 61 years – the Palestinian cause and that of humankind, freedoms, people residing in Kuwait, art, environment, sports and social responsibility. We also highlight all issues concerning the people of the world in the form of values of living together, tolerance towards others, social justice and peace.

We enjoyed the headiness of print journalism, and worked hard to turn to creating digital content by planning and follow-up by a team that loves their work, and the result was a great interaction with our accounts on social media platforms.

We took our first steps on TikTok; we prepared our studios for people we are working on turning them into stars. We will produce our works and speak to the new generation through the creativity in them. We trained youth on field journalism work and supported our team with journalists of both genders who love what they do.

These steps restored life to our newsroom, press and internal spaces, which became hosts to new guests, ministers and ambassadors; or a female athlete, an artist who adds joy to the place, or a traveler visiting Kuwait; or a school trip or loyal old friends of the paper for years.

We are proud of our professional partnership with Kuwait News, which is growing day by day. We work together and adopt the same values, dreams and views. The prestigious Kuwait Times, the doyen of Press Street, always major among the majors, is still at the beginning, and the future is much bigger and brighter.

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