DAD: Former Iraqi Parliament Speaker and former Vice President Osama Al-Nujaifi meets with a delegation from Kuwait Journalists Association (KJA). —KUNA photos DAD: Former Iraqi Parliament Speaker and former Vice President Osama Al-Nujaifi meets with a delegation from Kuwait Journalists Association (KJA). —KUNA photos

BAGHDAD: Kuwait is always on the forefront of supporting issues related to the welfare of Iraq and the Arab world, said former Iraqi Parliament Speaker and former Vice President Osama Al-Nujaifi. Speaking during a meeting with a delegation from Kuwait Journalists Association (KJA) recently, Nujaifi, who was also former Minister of Industry and Minerals, lauded the unconditional support by His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah to Iraq, stressing that the government and people of Iraq were forever grateful for the assistance and generous help provided by the Kuwaiti leadership and people.

On the political and security developments in Iraq, Nujaifi said that since 2003, the country had been in a state of pandemonium especially within the legislative and executive domains with several hastily steps being taken. The instability in the political side of things led to the increase of security threats which resulted in the formation of several terrorist and radical groups such the so-called Islamic State (IS), Al-Qaeda, and others, said the Iraqi official.

The upcoming battle to liberate Mosul completely from IS elements required a military unit deprived of loyalty to any other group expect the Iraqi people as a whole, said Nujaifi. He said that some people were tricked by IS propaganda which claimed that the Iraqi government and armed force were sectarian, adding that the situation now has reversed with Iraqis fully backing up the army's fight against the terror organization.

As for other groups partaking in the fight against IS, the Iraqi official said that some had committed violations during the quagmire, but several groups such as Peshmerga Kurdish force and similar units have proved loyalty to Iraq via halting and defeating IS.


Meanwhile, the Kuwaiti delegation visited the headquarters of the official Al-Iraqiya TV where it became acquainted with its nature of work. The delegation was also briefed about the channel's various broadcasting mechanisms amidst the current circumstances encountering the country. The delegation discussed with Al-Iraqiya administration ways to strengthen bonds of all types of media cooperation to serve the interests of the two brotherly countries.

Deputy head of the Arab Journalists Union and Deputy Editor-in-Chief of daily Al-Anbaa newspaper Adnan Al-Rashed said in a statement that the visit of the Kuwaiti delegation to Baghdad aims to become acquainted with the latest developments of exceptional circumstances in Iraq and show the Kuwaiti society and media the real picture to what's really happening in Iraq.

Rashed added that "what we have seen with our own eyes was different from what we saw and heard in the media as people in Baghdad live their lives normally and go out to markets, restaurants, cafes while enjoying life", indicating that the Iraqis were committed to advance and reconstruct their country and are eager to build friendly ties with the rest of the peoples of the region despite political bickering prevailing in Iraq.

He praised the role exerted by the Iraqi Union of Journalists led by the head of the Arab Journalists Union and Dean of the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate Moayyad Allami as well as members of the Bar Council and advisory body for their extensive efforts rendered to the Kuwaiti delegation. He also thanked all official Iraqi bodies which made the delegation's visit a success. The delegation also included Deputy Director General for Editorial Sector and Editor-in-Chief of Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) Saad Al-Ali, head of local department at the Kuwaiti daily Al-Qabas Ibrahim Al-Saeedi and other journalists. - KUNA