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Kuwait stresses joint action as GCC military chiefs meet

Khudher calls for cooperation to face current and future threats

KUWAIT: Gulf Cooperation Council’s armed forces’ chiefs of staff pose for photographs ahead of a meeting in Kuwait City yesterday. – Photo by Yasser Al-Zayyat

KUWAIT: Chief of Staff of the Kuwaiti Army Lt Gen Mohammed Al-Khudher yesterday said the GCC joint defense agreement reflects strong ties between the Gulf countries. “Our region is currently facing many regional and international challenges, which obliges us to preserve our strong ties through joint efforts to protect our unity and improve it,” he said during the 15th meeting of the Supreme Military Committee of GCC chiefs of staff that was held yesterday and attended by all members.
The meeting aimed to achieve more coordination between the armed forces of the GCC states. “The most important topic of this meeting is joint military action, which aims to strengthen joint cooperation in order to face present and future challenges threatening the GCC countries. We also look forward to exchanging experiences through intensive joint training between the armed forces in the GCC, which will increase their abilities. Exchanging knowledge and academic experience between member states has resulted in plans to establish the GCC Academy for Strategic and Security Studies,” stressed Khudhur.

Assistant Secretary General for Military Affairs Lt Gen Ahmad Al-Ali spoke about the agenda of the committee, including several topics set by both the operations and training committee and the financial committee. “These topics include joint military leadership, a study on the GCC Academy for Strategic and Security Studies and some projects on secure communications,” he pointed out. “These subjects are related to continuous joint military work, and we look forward to come up with recommendations and resolutions that will support and strengthen our joint system,” stated Ali.

The Gulf commanders will meet representatives of the US Central Command and those of the Egyptian and Jordanian armies tomorrow, a Kuwaiti defense ministry official said on Sunday on condition of anonymity. The meetings will come just over a week after Pentagon chief James Mattis and Centcom head General Joseph Votel held talks in the Gulf.

By Nawara Fattahova

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