KUWAIT: Group picture of referees with Al-Ghareeb (center)

KUWAIT: Chairman of the Board of Kuwait Squash Federation Adel Jassim Al-Ghareeb opened the new referees, refresher and promotion courses for the 2018/2019 season at Abdallah Al-Salem Leadership Center in the presence of the head of referees committee Khalid Jarallah Al-Habeeb.

Al-Ghareeb welcomed those in attendance and said such courses are being held as part of the federation's policy to prepare elements of the squash game both technically and administratively, and as refereeing of any game is the most important element in the success of it, referees must be up to date with the rules and should always be informed with any changes besides enhancing their technical skills.

Al-Ghareeb asked attendees, particularly new referees to exert their efforts to benefit from the course.

He thanked Abdallah Al-Salem Leadership Center officials for their cooperation, and thanked head of the referees committee Khalid Al-Habeeb, his deputy Abdallah Al-Subaie, as well as lecturers Abdelhadi Al-Aryan and Saeed Salmeen.

There are 30 referees participating in the course.