kuwait-shootingKUWAIT: Kuwait Shooting Sports Club season came to a close with the conclusion of the tournament of the late Sheikh Sabah Al-Salem Al-Humoud Al-Sabah Cup, under the patronage of Information Minister, State Minister for Youth Affairs Sheikh Salman Sabah Al-Salem Al-Humoud Al-Sabah, who was present at the closing ceremony which was held Saturday evening in the presence of President of Asian Shooting Sports Federation Sheikh Ali bin Abdallah Al-Khalifa, President of Kuwait and Arab Shooting Federations Eng Duaij Khalaf Al-Otaibi, Secretary General of KSSF and ASF Obaid Munahi Al-Osaimi, and KSSC board member Engineer Duaij Al-Otaibi said in his closing speech "Kuwait Shooting is proud to organize this dear championship as it bears the name of the father of the honorary President of KSSC Sheikh Salman Al-Hmoud Al-Sabah who is the supporter of shooting sport. He thanked him for the support of the shooting sport who always contributed to the development of the Kuwait Shooting Sport unit it became one of the most notable sports activities at the Arab, Asian and Olympic levels Al-Otaibi said, this final tournament comes following successful participation at the 12th Arab Shooting tournament, held in Cairo lately.

He said Kuwait shooters returned with six gold, three silver and two bronze medals, adding that we are confident or shooters will make more outstanding achievements in the name of their country, Kuwait.

Meanwhile Information Minister, State Minister for Youth Affairs Sheikh Salman Sabah Al-Salem Al-Humoud Al-Sabah thanked KSSC President Eng Duaij Kahalf Al-Otaibi and board members for the efforts they are exerting and we ask them for more. He said Public Authority for Sports will not spare an effort in support of all productive sports federations.

Meanwhile, results of the tournament are as follows:

In the skeet men Nasser Al-Daihani was on top of his game and took first place following a tough competition from Saud Habib Al-Kandari while the seasoned shooter Abdallah Al-Rashidi was third.

In the trap competition, Talal Abdallah Al-Rashidi made sure the gold medal in his as he won first place, despite tough resistance from hard fighting Khalid Al-Mudhaf who was second, while Abdelrahman Al-Faihan had to be satisfied with third.

The double trap competition was also hard and competition very strong between world champions Ahmad Al-Afasi who won first place defeating his brother Hamad Al-Afasi and third place went to Olympian Fuahid Al-Daihani.

In the women's trap Sarah Al-Hawal took first place,w hile Asmaa Al-Qatami won second place and Hajer Fawzi won third.

In the women's skeet Afrah Adel won first place, Sheikha Ali Ak-Rashidi second and Eman Al-Shamma third.

In trap men juniors Mohammad Al-Hamly first, Fares Al-Mutairi second and Nasser Al-Khaldi third.

In skeet men juniors Hamad Al-Ablani first, Hamad Al-Azmi second and Nasser Al-Mutairi third.

In the air pistol - men:

Saad Al-Ajmi was first place, Hassan Al-Mulla second and Mideth Al-Sahli third.

In the air rifle - men:

Abdallah Al-Harby first, Mohammad Abdelrahman second, Khalid Al-Subaie third.

In the air pistol - women:

Israa Bahman first, Huthama Al-Bashli second and Athari Qurban third.

In the air rifle - women:

Mariam Erzouqi first, Heba Erzouqi second, and Zahra Al-Saffar third.

In air pistol - men juniors:

Khalifa Al-Dhafiri first, Mohammad Al-Dhafiri second, Salem Buresli third.

In air rifle - women juniors:

Heba Erzouqi first, Reem Al-Bughaili second and Shurouq Al-Duwaisan third.

In compared archery:

Musallam Faisal first, Ahmad Al-Shatti second and Salem Al-Zaid third.

In Olympic Archery:

Abdallah Taha first, Faisal Al-Rashidi second and Abdallah Al-Harbi third

By Abdellatif Sharaa