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Kuwait Science Club takes high resolution picture of supermoon

Manpower authority collected over KD 18 million


KUWAIT: Kuwait Science Club’s astronomy and space sciences department recorded the ‘supermoon’ appearing in Kuwait skies Monday evening, when the moon was at its biggest and brightest, an event that is not expected to happen again until 2034. The department’s manager Bader Al-Omaira said that the moon orbits the Earth in an oval orbit – sometimes it is closer to our planet than at other times. When the moon is closest to Earth, it is described by astronomers as being in the perigee stage. When it is further away, this is the moon’s apogee. Omaira added that a perigee stage supermoon appears about 14 percent larger and 30 percent brighter than an apogee full moon, when Earth is between the moon and the sun. He said the supermoon was exceptionally large and brought higher than normal tides. Omaira explained that the supermoon can also cause earthquakes or volcanic eruptions in some parts of the earth.

Manpower authority
Although it was only established recently, the manpower authority made a substantial leap in financial revenues, as it collected KD 18,167,000 since the beginning of April till the end of October 2016, said deputy director for human and financial resources Kholoud Al-Shehab. She said that revenues are expected to rise to KD 33 million by the end of this fiscal year in March 2017. Shehab added that KD 6,103,000 was collected by the individual disputes committee that supervises workers’ transfer from one employer to another and allows an employer to transfer a government project worker for a certain fee.

Camel run
A number of disoriented camels were seen running in the streets of Ahmadi, which created a great deal of chaos and confusion amongst motorists. Some bloggers circulated videos and photos of the camels, claiming that they had escaped from the electoral headquarters of a fifth constituency election candidate.

By Meshaal Al-Enezi

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