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Kuwait raises largest flag on Oman mountain

KUWAIT: Kuwait has set a new Guinness world record for raising the largest Kuwaiti flag (2,742 square meters) on the summit of Oman’s Jebel Shams, one of the highest mountains in the Arab world. In a statement to KUNA yesterday, head of the voluntary team KFlag Fuad Qabazard said he was proud of raising the flag on the summit, which stands at 3,028 m above the ground. He dedicated this big achievement to the Kuwaiti leadership, government and people, while thanking the Omani authorities for facilitating all measures.

In Kuwait, people enjoyed and celebrated the National and Liberation Days with exhibitions and car parades after nearly two years of restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic. The government has declared a weeklong holiday (including the Israa and Meraj holiday), with public institutions to reopen on March 6. The entire Arabian Gulf Road was packed with cars on both days, with revelers wearing national colors and carrying national flags. Some even got out of their cars to dance to the tune of Kuwaiti patriotic songs. The ring roads were also full of people celebrating.

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