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Kuwait pilgrims perform Hajj without any hassle

Warning against unlicensed slaughter

Minister Mohammad Al-Jabri

KUWAIT: Pilgrims from the State of Kuwait are performing Hajj rituals without any hassle due to the coordination between Kuwaiti and Saudi authorities, said Kuwaiti Minister of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs Mohammad Al-Jabri yesterday.
Al-Jabri, also Minister of State for Municipal Affairs, said he hoped this situation will continue for Kuwait’s Hajj mission, stating that the Saudi authorities were keen on facilitating rituals for all those performing this great Islamic ritual.
Al-Jabri said that the Kuwaiti pilgrims had safely and easily moved to Mina and that this Hajj season was hassle-free and successful thanks to the efforts exerted by the government of the custodian of the two holy mosques, King Salman Bin Abdul Aziz.

Meanwhile, the official took the chance to congratulate the leadership of Kuwait and its people on the advent of the occasion of Eid Al-Adha. Pilgrims from all around the globe headed yesterday to Mount Arafat to perform Hajj’s most important ritual. They will leave the vicinity of Mount Arafat at around sunset, heading to Muzdalifa to spend the night there.

Minister of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs and Minister of State for Municipal Affairs Mohammed Polyclinics Manager of MOH primary healthcare, Dr Rehab Al-Watyan said that 42 polyclinics would be open during the Eid vacation and 25 of them will work 24/7. Al-Watyan explained that Mahmoud Hajji Haidar, West Salmiya, Salam, Salwa, Rumaithiya Specialized, Southern Sabah Al-Salem and Bayan clinics would be open in Hawally health zone while five would be open in the Capital health zone including Ehqaqi, Yarmouk, Al-Sager Specialized, Kaifan and Dopha clinics.

Further, Al-Watyan said nine polyclinics would be pen in Farwaniya including West Farwaniya, South Ferdous, South Ardhiya, South Jleeb, Andalus, Rabiya, Farwaniya, Abdullah Al-Mubarak and Sabah Al-Nasser.

She added that 14 polyclinics would be open in Ahmadi including Adan, Reqqa, West Sabahiya, Khairan, Benaider, Fahaheel, New Ali Sabah Al-Salem, Wafra, Dhaher, Fintas, Hadiyya, West Mubarak Al-Kabeer, Abo Fateera and Sabah Al-Ahmed.
Finally, Al-Watyan said that seven polyclinics would be open in Jahra including Al-Qassr, Al-Waha, Al-Abdali, South Sulaibiya, Saad Al-Abdullah 2 and Kabed.

MEW Undersecretary Mohammed Bosherhir recently made a sudden decision to transfer the consumers affairs director Salem Al-Qosoba to the communications department despite requests made to him against such a decision.

Warning on slaughtering
Kuwait Municipality strongly warned that inspections teams would be deployed in various governorates and all concerned are requested to cooperate with EPA in monitoring the street vendors and unlicensed butchers who might slaughter sacrifices outside slaughterhouses officially licensed by the municipality. It also warned that strict penalties may be imposed on defaulters as rigorous as deportation.

By Meshaal Al-Enezi

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