DUBAI: Kuwait's participation in the International Business Council meeting at Dubai's Chamber of Commerce is a reflection of its commitment to strengthening economic relations, and broadening investments horizons, stated Chief of Kuwait Business Council in Dubai, Feras Al-Salem on Wednesday.

Al-Fares spoke to KUNA after the meeting saying that it is an ample opportunity to reinforce cooperation, facilitate the exchange of expertise and become acquainted with latest developments and investment opportunities in Emirati market. Kuwait's participation in such an event boosts communication mechanisms with the local organizational and observational bodies to further ease procedures for Kuwaiti corporations, he explained.

The meeting handled discussions of organizational laws and proposals, clarified Al-Salem, as well as the technical and economic challenges facing Kuwaiti corporations in the region. Al-Salem spoke of the council's role saying that it represents the interest of Kuwaiti enterprises, and aims to share the expertise of Kuwait's private sector in overcoming obstacles and challenges. - KUNA