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Kuwait official encourages participating in more cultural events in int’l forums

New York: Assistant Secretary general for the Arts Sector in the National Council for Culture, Arts and Literature Musaad Al-Zamil affirms the importance of increasing Kuwaiti cultural participation in international forums especially the ones organized by the UN.

This came in a statement by Al-Zamil to KUNA, on the sidelines of the celebration organized by Kuwait’s permanent delegation at the UN in the General Secretariat HQ in NYC, on 60th anniversary of Kuwait’s membership at the UN.

Al-Zamil said that he was honored to lead the Kuwaiti delegation, as assistant secretary for the arts sector in National Council for Culture, Arts and Literature (NCCAL) in this historic and important event, at the invitation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Al-Zamil added that a specific scenario has been created for the celebration held by the Kuwaiti delegation to the United Nations, headed by Kuwait’s permanent representative at the United Nations, Ambassador Tareq Al-Banai, that includes an art exhibition of private possessions and paintings of pioneering artists in expressive art in Kuwait.

Professor of Anthropology and Archeology in the Department of Sociology and Social Work at the College of Social Sciences, Dr. Hassan Ashkanani shared his valuable possessions of pictures, books and stamps, especially the ones related to Kuwait’s membership in the United Nations, noted Al-Zamil.

The exhibition included many publications of the cultural sector, including books, Al-Arabi magazine, and all the publications of the NCCAL, as well as a documentary film and a concert led by a group of academic musicians from the Higher Institute of Musical Arts and a show about Kuwaiti folk heritage, he explained.

The ceremony had a great success and concluded with a song about Kuwait and the Arab Gulf states, stated Al-Zamil.

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