KUWAIT: Kuwait identified remains belonging to seven Kuwaiti prisoners of war (POWs) or missing persons after DNA tests were conducted by the General Administration of Criminal Evidence, Director-General of the National Committee of POWs and Missing Affairs Rabie Al-Adsani said yesterday. The committee affirmed that the remains belong to Meshaal Ibrahim Al-Khulaifi, Barjas Bilal Al-Khaldi, Salem Rashed Al-Duwseri, Waleed Ibrahim Al-Jeeran, Munther Numaan Al-Saif, Hussein Ali Al-Qabandi and Khaled Faraaj Al-Duwseri.

Adsani said these prisoners had been arrested during the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1990. He added the foreign ministry informed the martyrs' families immediately after the completion of the genetic examination process of all information related to the results of identification and related procedures. Adsani thanked the Iraqi authorities, members of the tripartite and technical subcommittee, International Committee of the Red Cross and the UN Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) for their efforts through the work of the subcommittee. - KUNA