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Kuwait has no plans to grant amnesty to violators: report

KUWAIT: Kuwait does not plan to grant amnesty to visa violators this year, a local daily reported yesterday, citing the ‘large number of violators’ who allegedly take advantage of the grace period to leave without paying fines and retain the ability to return to the Gulf state in the future.

“There is a large number of violators who use the amnesty as a way to circumvent the law,” an anonymous security source told Al-Rai daily, adding that once arrested, violators of labor regulations “will be deported after their fingerprints are taken, and will not be allowed to enter Kuwait or any other Gulf country for five years.”

According to the source, local authorities have noticed an increase in the number of workers reported absconding by their sponsors, who are later found working for others illegally, while hoping that a grace period would help them avoid arrest and leave Kuwait without paying fines, then return later with a new visa.

“Many domestic helpers escape from their sponsors, especially before the Ramadan season, to collect large amounts of money by working in homes on hourly basis while waiting for a pardon,” the source argued, noting that the “harm this situation causes for citizens and their families” is a main reason that authorities keep in consideration while making a decision not to grant an amnesty for violators.

Measures taken by security authorities through raids and field tours contributed to reducing the number of residency law violators to around 120,000, according to the source.

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