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Kuwait gripped by intense heat

KUWAIT: The meteorology department said on Thursday that the weekend would witness intense heat particularly during the days amid the seasonal Indian wave coupled with very hot winds. Abdulaziz Al-Qarawi, the weather monitor, said in remarks to KUNA that the temperature would soar above 46 degrees Celsius. The lowest forecast heat at night would be at 31-33 degrees. On Friday, the weather will be very hot and humid in coastal regions with the forecast temperature is at 47-49 degrees maximum and 31-33 degrees minimum.

On Saturday, the intense heat wave will persist, with the highest level at 47–49 degrees and the lowest at 32–33 degrees. The impact of Kuwait’s heat on people’s psyches and behaviors was discussed by the Kuwait Times with senior specialist psychiatrist Najat Al-Saidi and internationally certified coach Zahraa Abdulsalam. People’s actions can be significantly affected by high temperatures.

Extreme heat events become more frequent and intense as global warming progresses, posing numerous problems for people and societies, particularly in a nation like Kuwait, where summertime temperature can exceed 45 degrees Celsius. According to Saidi, the agony and frustration brought on by extreme heat can trigger irritation in people, increasing their propensity to participate in disputes or have violent outbursts. She stated that “the constant rise in temperatures usually results in feelings of stress, fatigue, and unease.”

Making logical decisions, evaluating risks, and responding correctly to various situations may be difficult for some people. They could thereby endanger their security and wellbeing. “There is no question that the weather significantly influences how a person’s moods change for the better or worse. The high temperatures, which can exceed 50 degrees, are another factor that causes strain and impulsive rage when driving, according to Abdulsalam.– Agencies

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