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Kuwait Fire Force, a symbol of dedication, sacrifice

Fires down 8% in residential areas since the beginning of 2022

KUWAIT: The Kuwait Fire Force (KFF) and its members have become a symbol of sacrifice and dedication through efforts to protect lives and fend off dangers. No matter what the situation was whether a ferocious fire or a horrific car accident, KFF teams came to the rescue of people from all backgrounds and walks of life. Locally, the KFF have been very active in stopping fires and dealing with accidents, earning appreciation from the masses. Speaking to KUNA on KFF operations, head of public relations and media at the force Colonel Mohammad Al-Ghareeb affirmed that the staff was always ready for any emergency throughout the year, saying that there was no season for the staff to relax because catastrophe could hit at anytime and anywhere. He noted that any incident could occur at any given time, revealing that the majority of fire incidents occurred due to an electric short from appliances.

Since the start of this year, fire incidents have decreased by eight percent in residential areas, Ghareeb indicated, affirming that the KFF, along with the help of the people and society in general, were eager to increase that percentage. He stressed that prevention and preparation was key in avoiding any tragedy, saying that each facility, building, or house should be equipped with fire extinguishers and necessary tools in case of an emergency. In the summer season and school break, accidents tend to occur more frequently, he said, calling on people to be vigilant and stop any mishaps from the get-go. Ghareeb stressed that the KFF was very eager to provide lectures on how to avoid accidents, saying this was part of its duty to society.

The KFF tackled several fires in recent years namely the one in Mubarakiya traditional market and bazaar, which ate up a large part of the historical sites in that area. Since the beginning of the year, KFF handled several other fires, which engulfed areas between 1,000 to 3,000 square meters in several locations in the country. During the operations, several KFF members were slightly wounded, but their efforts managed to prevent tragedies at a wider scale.

The KFF also took part in international fire prevention events and conferences to increase its knowledge and help to battle any outbreaks. In addition to its firefighting duties, the KFF also issues permits and warning tickets for violators. While the KFF does it best on a national level, the force had been providing assistance abroad. In 2021, A KFF lent a hand to Turkey as well as Greece to fend off forest fires, sending fire fighters and vehicle to assist in the job of saving human lives. The Kuwaiti leadership also instructed the KFF to donate machinery to Algeria, Tunisia, and elsewhere in a gesture of solidarity and aid.

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