AMMAN: Director General of Kuwait's Youth Public Authority (YPA) Dr Mishaal Al-Rubaie said Tuesday that Kuwait achieved tangible performance of empowering and rehabilitate youth in society in the framework of a specific programs in cooperation with local sectors. This came on the sidelines of a high-level UN regional meeting held in Jordan in participation with the participation of officials from governments, private sector, and non-profit organizations.

In a statement to the press, Rubaie said that the authority reviewed, during the meeting, Kuwait's commitments to empower young people in Government work program and development plan. The State of Kuwait has succeeded in identifying job opportunities in the labor market and providing Kuwaiti youth with the necessary skills and vocational training, he noted. The Authority managed to provide more than 1,500 job opportunities for young Kuwaitis in cooperation with the private sector in the fields of banking, sport training, engineering, facilities management and others, Rubaie explained.

He stressed the importance of strengthen the Arab-Arab partnerships with the international and regional organizations, and the need for mass cooperation and comprehension between all sectors to achieve the goals of sustainable developments and comply with developed countries. The meeting will adopt, in its concluding session, the necessary recommendations and submit them to the World Summit on Transitional Education, launched by the UN Secretary-General and will held next September. The meeting was organized by the International Labor Organization, the UN Development Program, the UN Population Fund, and the UN Children's Fund (UNICEF). - KUNA