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Kuwait Embassy in Doha calls on nationals to follow World Cup entry rules

Kuwait’s Embassy in Qatar, on Thursday, called all citizens wishing to travel to Qatar to follow entry rules and regulations during World Cup events, in effect since November 1st.

In a statement received by Kuwait News Agency (KUNA), the embassy clarified that the regulations are:

1. Only Hayya cardholders, activated via barcode, are permitted to enter Qatar.
2. Kuwaiti and Gulf vehicles, with no prior permits issued after paying fees and declared in Hayya card, are not granted entry through Abu Samra border crossing during events of the World Cup.

3. Rules and regulations adopted by Qatari authorities and posted on official websites (Qatar’s interior ministry) must be read.
The embassy also called on citizens to reach out in case of inquiry or help on embassy hotlines (+97433341200), (+97451078337), (+97451080921), and Kuwait airways hotline (+97455513710).

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