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Kuwait doctor urges men to check for prostate cancer

Dr Mohammad Al-Ghanem

By Abdellatif Sharaa

KUWAIT: A Kuwaiti Ministry of Health official urged men, especially those aged 50 or older, to carry out periodic prostate cancer checks, warning that this type of cancer remains the most widespread among males in Kuwait. Speaking in a press statement on ‘Movember’ – an annual event raising awareness of men’s health issues during the month of November, Head of the Urology Department at Jaber Armed Forces Hospital Dr Mohammad Al-Ghanem said that prostate cancer is widespread around the world, adding that based on the Kuwait cancer register report, the disease became in 2015 the most widespread cancer among Kuwaiti men at the rate of 15 persons per 100,000. “It is necessary for men to carry out periodic prostate examinations as they grow in age,” he said.

While prostate cancer numbers are growing, only a small percentage of patients develop an aggressive tumor that spreads quickly. Therefore, it is important to spread awareness about periodic checkups and early detection that could “save the lives of thousands of people,” according to Dr Ghanem. “The month of November is a good opportunity to remind of the dangers of prostate cancer, especially that this month is linked with a campaign named ‘Movember’ during which men grow their mustaches and go for all the necessary tests,” Dr Ghanem added.

The doctor noted that the reasons this type of cancer develops remains unclear, noting that genetics “also has a role” in its occurrence as the percentage increases among first degree relatives. Dr Ghanem said treatment of the disease is done in various ways including the use of robotic surgery, also through an incision behind the pubic bone, in addition to radiation. There is another treatment through which seeds are placed in the prostate and hormone are injected to make the body stop secreting male testosterone, in addition to the chemical and biological treatment for tumors spread out as prostate domain.


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