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Kuwait Disabled Sports Club chief against change of name

Chairman Shafi Al-Hajiri
Chairman Shafi Al-Hajiri

KUWAIT: President of Kuwait Disabled Sports Club Shafi Al- Hajiri said the change of the name of the Public Disabled Authority to Public Authority of those with special needs is something dangerous, because it will open the door wide open for a large number of those who claim disability to get the rights and advantages of the disabled that are guaranteed by law.

Al-Hajiri said in a statement that changing the authority’s name will allow everyone who is considered of psychological, social a chronic diseases needs to receive the disabled benefits. He said, even the existence of specialized medical committees to examine disabilities, it did not prevent the presence of those who claim to be disabled, which directly affected the truly disabled. He said the change of the authority’s name to Special Needs Public Authority is contrary to international treaties Kuwait is committed to, as it is a signee of the international treaties on the disabled among 164 countries.

He added changing the name will get Kuwait out of the agreement which will affect the Kuwaiti disabled rights as well as the sports level through changing the medical characterization. Al-Hajiri said all those concerned refuse changing the name of the authority, which will do away with their rights, and appealed to officials to think deeply about the decision because of its negative effects on the truly disabled

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