Kuwait deserves more!

By Abdellatif Sharaa

KUWAIT: Something is different at Kuwait airport. I’ve been traveling much, going through police control and customs, and it used to be somewhat of a hassle. Recently, it has become easier, even though the procedures have become much stricter – what an irony! I really had to think hard about any differences other than the attitude of the forces responsible for these matters.

For instance, during the baggage security check, one officer smiled politely while informing a woman that she couldn’t carry certain items onboard. He patiently advised her to return to the counter for further assistance. The remarkable thing is that despite being firm, he didn’t become confrontational. As the line grew longer, she eventually followed his guidance.

Moving on to passport control, most booths were staffed with officers who wore a continuous smile. They maintained a friendly and polite demeanor while asking questions and making requests. I’m highlighting this because all of this happened while they were working under tremendous pressure, dealing with a large number of travelers.

Yet, they managed to maintain their composure and exhibited a beautiful demeanor. This is the kind of welcome Kuwait should always have, both for arrivals and departures. Kuwait boasts numerous attractions that are worth visiting, whether they are historical or modern landmarks. It is my hope that the relevant authorities allocate more time and resources to put Kuwait at the forefront of tourism in the Gulf region.

Welcome to Kuwait!

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