KUWAIT: Security sources said Kuwait Interpol is preparing to send a warrant to international and Arab Interpol to place the name of MP Abdulhameed Dashti, who is wanted in Kuwait over several cases, on the 'red notice' during the coming days. Sources said Kuwait Interpol will send its warrant to the public prosecution for approval, so it can be sent to Interpol as well as its Arab counterpart.

Policeman charged with theft

A policeman on duty threatened owners of violating shops in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh and stole KD 350 and 20 mobile phones from various stores. A security source said the suspect's colleagues learned about his illegal activity, and when the information was confirmed, he was placed under surveillance until his arrest. The suspect denied the charges, then on facing evidence, he collapsed and confessed to his actions. He was sent to concerned authorities.

Drug dealer arrested

A fight between citizens in Adan exposed a heroin dealer who works as an engineer in an oil company. He was found in an abnormal condition with a 30 envelopes of heroin. Police received a call about a fight between citizens in Adan. Police and ambulances went to the site and broke up the fight, and found that the person who started the fight was under the influence of drugs. He was sent to concerned authorities.

Thieves caught

Detectives arrested four citizens for attempting to steal construction material from a land in Ishbelia after threatening its owner, a citizen in his 50s with a knife. The citizen went to Rabiya police station and told them about four people stealing construction material, and when they saw him, they attempted to escape, but he caught one of them. But one of his accomplices came back with a knife, so he had to release him. The victim gave police the license plate number of the suspects' car and detectives arrested the vehicle's owner, who told about the others. Police arrested them and they confessed to the charges.

Smuggling foiled

Kuwait International Airport customs officers arrested two Ethiopian women for attempting to smuggle six kilograms of qat in coffee bags. Both were sent to the Drugs Control General Department.

Armed man detained

A citizen, 33, was arrested by criminal detectives for bullying and having an unlicensed firearm. Police received a call from a Pakistani barber telling them that one of his clients carries a firearm and pulls it on pedestrians. Police went to the shop and seized the weapon.