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Kuwait charity covers loans of 770 students in Gaza Strip

GAZA: Kuwait’s Bayt Al-Zakat (Alms House) Charity had covered loans of some 770-university students in the Gaza Strip, a Palestinian charitable committee said on Thursday. Al-Daraj Zakat committee’s head Abdulqader Abu-Annour told KUNA that the project to cover the loan installments for the students began this week and it was supervised by Kuwait’s Society for Relief and representatives of several universities in the Gaza Strip.

This current support campaign was preceded by another project last month covering the expenses of 305 graduates in Gaza, overseen by Kuwait’s Awqaf (Endowment) Public Foundation and also supervised by the Society for Relief, he added. University representatives expressed gratitude to the State of Kuwait for its unyielding support to the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. – KUNA

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