KUWAIT: Al-Najat Charity Society said Wednesday it will provide iftar meals for one million people in Kuwait and abroad.  Similarly, Zakat House announced Tuesday that it will offer 7000 iftar meals a day during the month of Ramadan at no cost. The meals, valued at 262,500 Kuwaiti dinars, will be distributed at more than 13 locations across the country.

Every mosque will receive no less than 125 meals per day, Acting Director General of Zakat House Majed Al-Azmi said. Zakat House is also planning charity projects in 14 countries across Asia, Africa and Europe, which will be administered by local organizations trusted by Kuwaiti embassies in these locations.

Al-Najat's Chairman Mohammad Al-Ansari said the association is also planning a number of Ramadan projects through which it seeks to encourage humanitarian work in Kuwait. Ansari said the plan includes a project aimed at improving the living conditions of thousands of beneficiaries, in addition to distributing monthly and deducted financial assistance to families, Ramadan baskets, and basic household items. The project will also include campaigns in other countries to perform eye surgeries and dig wells, as well as relief and development projects, helping and sponsoring students, building schools, mosques and shelters for the elderly, he added.

Anyone looking to donate to Zakat House can visit the organization at any of its locations across the country from Sunday to Thursday during the morning and evening shifts.  People can also give Zakat and Sadaqa through Zakat House's application and website at https://www.zakathouse.org.kw/ - KUNA