Kuwait Cement Company begins marketing of Oil Well Cement

First delivery made to NAPESCO

KUWAIT: Kuwait Cement Company (“KCC”) has announced the commencement of marketing of the Oil Well Cement, and supplying its first delivery on 13/03/2019 to National Petroleum Services Company (NAPESCO). KCC started production of Oil Well Cement locally in its plant located in the eastern Shuaiba industrial area after the company obtained the API Monogram issued by the American Petroleum Institute (API) to produce this type of cement. KCC is the first Cement Company to have this Certificate in Kuwait to cater to the requirements of Oil Sector in Kuwait and the Middle East.

Ali Al-Kandari, Manager of Marketing and Sales of KCC, said that the production of this type of Cement comes in addition to other locally produced products at our company’s plant, to meet all the requirements of the local market for all types of cement. This achievement coincides with the golden jubilee of the Company, to complete the success and excellence of the first half-century in the life of the most prominent event in Kuwait in the field of cement manufacturing, and what provides the service of industrial and urban renaissance and economic development in the country.

Rajesh Kumar Singh, Executive Director – Operations, said that KCC is the only integrated industrial company in Kuwait that manufactures and produces the Clinker (the essential raw material for the manufacture of cement) in all stages of manufacturing, starting with raw materials for the production of various types of cement, where it is currently producing Ordinary Portland Cement, Sulphate Resistant Cement Type V, White Portland Cement, Oil Well Cement and GGBS, the total operational capacity of the Company for producing Clinker has reached over 5 million tons annually and same for the Cement.

Eng Saad Al-Suwaidan, Deputy Executive Director – Operations pointed out that this certificate has added to the quality certificates obtained by the company previously, namely the quality mark certificate from the Public Authority for Industry and the ISO 9001:2015 certificate. This confirms the quality of all the company’s products of cement and their conformity with local and the international standards. Al-Kandari added that Oil Well Cement produced within the product of phrase “Kuwaiti Cement”. This is an indication of full nationalization of cement manufactured in Kuwait.

The Company’s products over the past 50 years have been characterized by high quality, strength and durability, which has supported its position in the Kuwaiti market and has got the confidence of all its customers for its high-quality products, consistent specifications, conformity to the standards and distinctive service. Al-Kandari explained that the company is marketing its products directly to all segments of customers and consumers, as the company has contributed over the past five decades in many government development projects in all sectors, as well as housing and private investment projects, in addition to the distribution of cement subsidized by the Government to citizens benefiting from the support.

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