Kuwait candidates call for united fight against corruption

By B Izzak

KUWAIT: Candidates contesting the June 6 parliamentary polls yesterday called for a united fight against corruption, while highlighting the need to improve the standard of living of citizens and the need to contain rising inflation and creating jobs. “We are encountering an imminent danger which is threatening our future,” said candidate Mohammad Al-Fajji, a leader of Kuwaiti resistance during the Iraqi 1990-91 invasion.

“We are witnessing political chaos, thefts and corruption has spread to most corners of the state. This has become very dangerous. The issue has become a question of survival,” Fajji, who is contesting polls for the first time, told an election rally. Former MP Abdullah Fahhad spoke of an impending battle against corruption.

The next fight is a battle to uproot the corruption system and all are aware it is a difficult confrontation. Kuwait will never rise without confronting the forces of corruption” said Fahhad, adding that corruption forces are well organized and will not give up easily. Candidate Khaled Al-Hajeri strongly lashed out at the government for ignoring the basic economic rights of citizens.

The candidate warned voters that if this continues “your children will not get jobs and things may get even worse”. He urged citizens to turn in large numbers at the ballots to elect their best representatives to safeguard their national interests. Candidate Ahmad Al-Oteibi said that prices are ever rising and salaries remain unchanged, so what should the people do?

Candidate Osama Al-Zaid it is strange that “we are a wealthy country and still young graduates organize sit-ins to demand jobs. This is unacceptable”. He added that the standard of living is not good and some Kuwaitis are suffering. Former MP Faisal Al-Kundari said the challenge facing Kuwaitis to preserve their rights is huge. Candidate Meteb Al-Enezi said this election is exceptional as it could take us back to square one, adding that there are some who are attempting to control the next Assembly and forces of corruption are working to discourage voters from going to the ballots.

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