KUWAIT: The French Language Department of Kuwait University's College of Arts held a seminar about the poetry of Dr Suad Al-Sabah and its translation to the French language. The event was held in the presence of Dr Suad Al-Sabah, under the patronage of the Acting Dean of the College of Arts Dr Abdallah Al-Hajiri, and head of the English Language and its Cultures Department Dr Monsif Al-Khumairi.

Dr Suad Al-Sabah gave a speech during the seminar in which she said, "I am pleased as this is my first visit to this new and beautiful campus." She added, "this university is one of Sheikh Abdallah Mubarak Al-Sabah's ideas." Meanwhile, Dr Hajiri welcomed the attendees of the seminar, which came as part of the department's celebration of the Francophone Day.