By Ben Garcia

KUWAIT: The International Day of Persons with Disability was marked yesterday at Kuwait Red Crescent Society (KRCS) in Shuwaikh. As part of the celebration, KRCS invited some family members and distributed gifts to about 100 people with disabilities. They distributed some tools and equipment needed by people with disabilities, including portable sinks, blood and sugar test kits, wheelchairs and food voucher. "Mostly expats were called because all Kuwaitis who are with disabilities are receiving regular assistance from Kuwaiti government," said Jaafar Jamali, KRCS volunteer.

The ceremony was attended by some KRCS officials including Mariam Al-Adsani who is the current head of the local support department at the society. This year's theme was 'Building Back Better: Towards an Inclusive, Accessible and Sustainable Post-COVID-19'. The International Day of Persons with Disabilities is celebrated annually on Dec 3, and is also called World Disability Day in other countries.

On this day, WHO joins partners to celebrate "a day for all". This theme reflects a growing understanding that disability is part of the human condition. Almost everyone will be temporarily or permanently impaired at some point in life. Despite this, few countries have adequate mechanisms in place to respond fully to the needs of people with disabilities.

Ahmed, a recipient from Egypt, told Kuwait Times that he received a call from KRCS last week. "I only found out about this when I got a text message, in which they said they were giving away a gift," Ahmed said. According to Jamali, as per KRCS record, they only have about 5,000 persons with disabilities in their database, and only 100 persons were called to get the gift.