BEIRUT: Kuwait Red Crescent Society (KRCS) started yesterday distribution of 200 tons of agricultural products to needy Lebanese families and Syrian refugees in Lebanon. In a statement to the press, Deputy Chairman of KRCS Anwar Al-Hasawi said the society aims to support farmers and needy citizens as well as refugees by buying crops from Lebanese farmers and distributing the produce to these segments, in coordination with the Lebanese Red Cross.

He underscored necessity of such projects to help Lebanese people and Syrian refugees in their difficult living conditions. Meanwhile, Head of KRCS's mission to Lebanon Dr Musaad Al-Enezi said that the society is keen on carrying out humanitarian projects that can benefit the largest low-income segments of the population in Lebanon. He has affirmed that the KRCS is continuing humanitarian and relief projects that support people, refugees and hospitals, affected with the fiery explosion that hit the Lebanese capital in August 2020. - KUNA