KUALA LUMPUR: The annual partners' meeting organized by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) in the Asia-Pacific region kicked off Monday, with the participation of a delegation from Kuwait Red Crescent Society (KRCS) headed by Deputy Chairman of KRCS Anwar Al-Hasawi. The meeting will continue until January 18.

Anwar Al-Hasawi

Speaking to KUNA, Al-Hasawi said on the sidelines of the meeting that the humanitarian situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan, as well as the Rohingya in Bangladesh and Myanmar, will be discussed with IFRC's partners. He pointed out KRCS' humanitarian role in supporting its partners, especially with regard to the issues of Afghanistan, Pakistan and the Rohingya, stating that KRCS had previously provided urgent humanitarian assistance to these countries, especially with regard to the relief and health aspect for the benefit of the Rohingya and the Afghans, in addition to providing help to those impacted by the floods that swept Pakistan.

He looks forward to the outcome of this meeting, as well as individual meetings, to decide what to do in the framework of cooperation with IFRC's partners and counterparts in other societies. He underscored KRCS' keenness to enhance ways of cooperation with its partners in the Asia-Pacific region to facilitate the tasks of providing aid implemented by societies worldwide. He explored Kuwait's humanitarian role in supporting countries most in need and its continued provision of help to disadvantaged people, as it occupies a leading position in global humanitarian action, referring to the role of the Red Crescent Society that covers over 105 countries worldwide since the establishment of the society in 1966.

Several partners of IFRC and the Red Crescent in the Asia-Pacific region are participating in this meeting in order to exchange expertise and experiences, discuss the most crucial challenges resulting from humanitarian crises along with natural disasters, and develop a mechanism for collective action and effective response. - KUNA