KUWAIT: Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) and its affiliates said yesterday that they have offered the private sector four investment opportunities in efforts to engage an increasingly significant contributor to the national economy. The four offers on the table prove the importance of establishing a closer rapport with the private sector and allowing it the chance to participate in the oil industry's projects, read a statement by the company.

The offers deal with projects involving carbon dioxide recovery, extracting metals from catalytic converters and the construction of factories for the production of highly transparent polypropylene sheets as well as cement manufacturing, the statement added.

Meanwhile, the statement cited Kuwait's Minister of Oil and KPC Chairman Essam Al-Marzouq as saying that such projects are crucial to ensure steady economic development. Marzouq added that the company stands to gain from the skill and expertise that the private sector has to offer, which can be instrumental in helping KPC and its affiliates bring their goals to fruition. The Kuwaiti minister also added that a more vibrant relationship with the private sector would provide the nation's workforce with increased job opportunities. - KUNA