local3KUWAIT: Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) announced yesterday the start of the 3D exploratory survey project in Kuwait Bay near the city of Al-Jahra in cooperation with China National Petroleum Corporation (BGP).

It is one of the largest three-dimensional surveys projects in the world and part of the company's strategy for 2030 aimed to produce 65.3 million barrels of oil a day by 2020, and maintain it until 2030, Executive vice president for exploration and gas at KOC Manahi Al-Anazi said in statement yesterday.

The company's exploration group has a major role in achieving this strategy due to its expertise and capabilities, praising the capabilities of the BGP which is one of the largest Chinese surveys companies and has considerable experience in the Arabian Gulf region, he added. The project will study the underground strata to find out the amount of reserves in the region, which includes Kuwait Bay and the surrounding areas as well the northern region stretching from Burgan field down to Bahra field in northern Kuwait, he said.

Head of the exploration group in the company Ahmad Al-Eidan said that the aim of this survey is to get the most accurate information about the fields that are located within its space, adding that this project comes as a continuation of a series of exploration, three-dimensional and magnetic work. The careful planning for the project using the latest modern technology will enable the KOC and BGP to get the best results in cooperation with the relevant authorities, he added.

During the launching of the project, Acting chairman of the exploration team Jarrah Al-Jenae made a detailed presentation about the project, followed by another presentation by BGP for the stages of survey, which is expected to be completed in June 2017. - KUNA