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Kids share thoughts on the idea of marriage

By Faten Omar

KUWAIT: The idea of marriage can be different from one adult to another, where some may consider marriage as a fairytale that will last forever, while others see it as a responsibility that requires hard work and understanding partners. On the other hand, children can also have a perception of marriage that adults give to them indirectly. Children often see their parents as role models for marriage and observe their interactions. Kuwait Times spoke with some children to learn more about how they see marriage.

Sadeen, 10 years old, said she will never get married because according to her, marriage is all about fighting, cooking for many guests and dealing with ungrateful children. “I would rather live with my cousins, playing all the time. I do not want to fight with a man. It does not look like a nice life,” she said. Meanwhile, Talia Mzanra, 8, had a different point of view, saying marriage is a romantic event between two people who love each other, noting that in order to live happily ever after, they have to buy a big house and beautiful dresses.

She explained her father always seems happy when her mother wears a beautiful dress and looks like a princess. Marriage can also represent emotional security. For Abeer Adnan, 10, marriage is a source of love and support, explaining her father always supports her mother in buying things that make her happy. “I want someone to buy me nice things and let me go shopping. Marriage can help you get things you wish for,” she said. As for Ahmed Hourani, 6, marriage is about being the man of the house. “I am the man of the house when my father is out of the country.

I know that my father is responsible for taking care of everything in the house for my mother and sister. I think marriage is hard, but I am a man, I can do it,” he said proudly. Child specialist and counseling psychologist Barehan Hassan affirmed children are seeing more than we want them to see, calling on parents to consider their actions because their kids are watching and picking up attitudes and behaviors and trying them as well to form their perception of future marriage.

She added some children may experience confusion or uncertainty about marriage, particularly if they come from families where there is conflict, separation or divorce. “It’s crucial to keep in mind that as kids become older, experience more life and refine their understanding of relationships, their attitudes on marriage may change for better or worse.”

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